Miguel Anjos

Professor and Chair of Operational Research


Miguel Anjos

Professor and Chair of Operational Research

Miguel Anjos

Professor and Chair of Operational Research


Facility Layout Library

Facility layout problems are important operations research problems that have been studied for several decades. Most variants of facility layout are NP-hard, therefore global optimal solutions are difficult or impossible to compute in reasonable time. Mathematical optimization approaches that guarantee global optimality of solutions or tight bounds on the global optimal value have nevertheless been successfully applied to several variants of facility layout.

Here are some benchmark datasets.

While this page is under construction, the datasets may be requested by email.
Layout on a Single Row
Instances from
One-dimensional space allocation: An ordering algorithm (with prefix S in the file of instances)
On solving a one-dimensional space allocation problem with integer programming (prefix LW)
Efficient models for the facility layout problem (with prefix H)
File: SRFLP_Instances.zip

A semidefinite optimization approach for the single-row layout problem with unequal dimensions (prefix AnKeVa)
File:  Medium_and_Large_Instances.zip

Computing Globally Optimal Solutions for Single-Row Layout Problems Using Semidefinite Programming and Cutting Planes (prefix AnVa)
File: Medium_and_Large_Instances.zip

      • Instances from Anjos-Yen (2009)
      • Instances from Hungerländer-Rendl (2010)

      • Instances from Hungerländer (2012):
           • Instances
           • Bounds and best orderings
           • Best solutions by Ghosh and Kothari (as of December 2012)
     • Unequal-Areas Facility Layout
          • Instances from Jankovits et al. (2011)
          • Instances from Anjos and Vieira (2015)
Layout on Several Rows

      • Instances from Hungerländer-Anjos (2012):
           • Data for small instances
           • Best layouts for small instances
           • Data for medium and large instances
           • Best layouts for medium and large instances
MinDA problem instances from Andre Amaral

Parallel Row Ordering Problem (PROP)
Instances from
A parallel ordering problem in facilities layout
File: PROP Instances - Amaral2013.zip

Corridor Allocation Problem
Instances from
Simulated annealing and tabu search approaches for the Corridor Allocation Problem
File: ???
Extensions and Related Problems
     • Instances for CDAP (Cross-Dock Assignment Problems)

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