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FLPLIB: Facility Layout Database

Layout problems are concerned with the optimal location of departments according to a given objective function. Layout problems arise in different areas of applications and hence encompass several classes of optimization problems.

The following databases of layout are available on this site:

      • Instances from Simmons, DM (1969) One-dimensional space allocation: An ordering algorithm. Operations Research 17(5): 812-826.

      • Instances from Love RF, Wong JY (1976) On solving a one-dimensional space allocation problem with integer programming. INFOR 14(2): 139-143

      • Instances from Heragu-Kusiak (1991)

      • Instances from Anjos-Kennings-Vannelli (2005)

      • Instances from Anjos-Yen (2009)

      • Instances from Hungerländer-Rendl (2010)

      • Instances from Hungerländer-Anjos (2012):

           • Data for small instances

           • Best layouts for small instances

           • Data for medium and large instances

           • Best layouts for medium and large instances

      • Instances from Hungerländer (2012):

           • Instances

           • Bounds and best orderings

           • Best solutions by Ghosh and Kothari (as of December 2012)

     • DRFLP (Double-Row Facility Layout Problems)

          • Instances from A. R. S. Amaral. On duplex arrangement of vertices. Technical report, Departamento de Informatica, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo (UFES),              Brazil, 2011

     • Unequal-Areas Facility Layout

          • Instances from Jankovits et al. (2011)

          • Instances from Anjos and Vieira (2015)

     • Instances for CDAP (Cross-Dock Assignment Problems)

     • Corridor Allocation Problem

          • Instances from Ahonen et al. (2013)

     • Parallel Row Ordering Problem (PROP)

          • Instances from the paper entitled "A parallel ordering problem in facilities layout"

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