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Founded in 1958, the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) is an association of those interested in

the application of operational research (OR). Its primary goals are the dissemination of information

about OR and the encouragement of exchanges between OR professionals.

OR is a branch of applied mathematics that uses mathematical modelling, optimization, and other techniques to solve complex real-world problems arising, for example, in transportation planning and telecommunications.

CORS publishes the journal INFOR and holds an annual conference. 

Attention graduating students: Apply for the CORS Diploma / Le Diplôme de la SCRO!

CORS awards a diploma to students who have successfully completed a program with a significant operational research component. To apply, you must be a student (or full) member of CORS, and you must have achieved an acceptable average over at least seven OR courses. The first step is to contact the Diploma Coordinator for your university with your transcript.

Recent Montreal recipients include Chaker Oueslati, Marie Chesa, Amira Dems, Ahmed Elshakweer, and Samir Ouaret.

The Montreal section of CORS serves the interests of the OR community in Montreal. In recent years it has sponsored the following seminars:

         2017: Mid and long-term passenger demand forecast: The Kenza approach (Daniel Sallier)

         2017: Dynamic scheduling of home care patients to medical providers (Andre Cire)

         2016: Data analytics for warehouse management: process improvement using optimization and network learning (Fatma Gzara)

         2016: Dynamic choice models of strategic customer behavior for dynamic pricing in continuous time (Mikhail Nediak)

         2015: Optimal strategic sizing of energy storage facilities in restructured electricity markets (Hamidreza Zareipour)

         2015: A Network Optimization Model for the TDL Group Corp. (Richard J. Caron)

         2014: Optimizing Data Placement for Distributed Computation (Lukasz Golab)

         2014: Robust Planning for Transportation and Routing (Mikael Rönnqvist)

         2013: Numerical Solution of Saddle-Point Linear Systems (Chen Greif)

         2012: Optimization of the Accumulating Priority Queue with an Application to Emergency Department Service Targets (Richard J. Caron)

         2012: Multiobjective and Robust Optimization in Finance and Risk Management (Oleksandr Romanko)

         2012: Coordination Mechanisms in Distributed Systems - Cases from Value Chain Management (Sophie D'Amours)

         2012: Recent Advances in Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (John Chinneck)

         2011: Orbitwise Polyhedral Representation Conversion (David Bremner)

         2010: Applications of Stochastic Programming to Finance, Telecommunication and Energy (Marida Bertocchi & Maria Teresa Vespucci)

         2010: (Semi) Definitely Going Global (Miguel F. Anjos)

Montreal Section Officers

         President: Miguel Anjos

         Vice-President: Louis-Martin Rousseau

         Treasurer: Fabian Bastin

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