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Facility layout problems typically consist of partitioning a given area into departments with pre-specified (possibly unequal) areas such that the sum of weighted distances between pairs of departments is minimized.

Most versions of layout are known to be hard combinatorial problems, and globally optimal solutions have been attained only for instances with up to eleven departments. My research in this area develops new mathematical optimization models for the problem in one, two, and three dimensions that find high-quality layouts, often with a guarantee of how close the layouts are to global optimality.

Book Chapter

  • M.F. Anjos and F. Liers. Global Approaches for Facility Layout and VLSI Floorplanning. In: Handbook on Semidefinite, Cone and Polynomial Optimization, M.F. Anjos and J.B. Lasserre (eds), International Series in Operations Research & Management Science, Frederick S. Hillier (ed.), Springer, 2012, 849-877

Research Articles

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