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Research Articles Published or Accepted for Publication

  • N. Etebarialamdari, M.F. Anjos, and G. Savard. Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Railway Demand Forecasting. To appear in the International Journal of Revenue Management (accepted October 2020)

This paper is a finalist for the Best Paper Award in the Energy Systems track at the 2021 IISE Annual Conference

This article earned Bingane the first prize in the 2019 CORS Student Paper Competition (Open Category)


Erratum: In constraint (22), the coefficient of y(t − 2) must be (−2RD + SU − P) (since y(t − 2) = 1 implies that v(t) = 1).

This paper earned Ghaddar the 2008 Fraser Research Prize for the Best Research Paper by a graduate student in Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo

This paper earned Engau the 2009 MITACS Best Student Paper Award.

This paper earned El-Samahy the 2007 MITACS Best Novel Use of Mathematics in Technology Transfer Award

This paper was a Top Cited Paper in the journal Discrete Optimization for the period 2005-2010.